Top questions

Top Questions

How does Jim Ellis MOD work?

Members use the Jim Ellis MOD app to request their next vehicle. A Jim Ellis MOD concierge will prepare and hand off the new car, transfer everything over to your new car, and ensure you’re all set to go. Our goal is to ensure you have the perfect car for any occasion.

What is included in Jim Ellis MOD?

Becoming a member of Jim Ellis MOD includes rights to a vehicle, vehicles details and customer support line. We take care of all maintenance and repairs so you can focus on driving. Each plan affords you flexibility with rental durations.

What vehicles are included with Jim Ellis MOD?

Jim Ellis MOD offers a variety of vehicles including luxury sedans and SUVs. Join Jim Ellis MOD to enjoy the full experience...

Signing up

Signing Up

How do I join Jim Ellis MOD?

Download our app and hit “Sign up”. Follow the instructions to book your first vehicle and then create an account. You will need to provide a credit card, a picture of your driver’s license and your insurance information. We will verify your information and check your driving history. In most cases, we can approve an application within one business day.

Is Jim Ellis MOD in my area?

Today, Jim Ellis MOD is live the greater Atlanta area. If you’re outside of our service radius, sign up for news and updates and we will let you know when we arrive in your city.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 21 or over with a valid license and clean driving record.

Everyday usage

Everyday Usage

How well equipped are the vehicles?

The majority of vehicles are equipped with a mid to high-end trim package. Most of our vehicles have leather seats. Other options vary by make/model and specific vehicle. We cannot guarantee the availability of certain options.

Are pets allowed in vehicles?

We do allow pets in the vehicles, but they must be transported in a crate. It is better for the car and safer for your furry friend!

What happens if my vehicle needs repair?

Our goal is that you will never have to worry about maintenance or repair issues. If something unforeseen occurs, use the Jim Ellis MOD app to notify us and we will get you back driving!

What happens if I get into an accident?

First, make sure that everyone is safe, get your vehicle to a safe place, exchange information with the other parties and notify the police. Once the situation is stabilized, call us.

Pricing & payment

Pricing & Payment

What about fuel?

All Jim Ellis MOD cars are handed off with a full tank of gas. If you drop off a vehicle without a full tank, your concierge will refill the vehicle and add the charge to your account.

When is payment due?

A valid credit card is required during sign up. Your first payment will be charged on the day that your booking will take place. Any additional charges for gas will be charged as soon as the rental duration ends.

What is the minimum commitment to Jim Ellis MOD?

Rentals can be booked for as little as one day or as long as one month.

Terms of use

Terms of Use

Is there a mileage limit per month?

Each rental has a mileage limit of 100/day. There is an overage charge of $1.00 per mile.

Can anyone else drive the vehicle?

Yes, eligible drivers may be registered as Additional Drivers and added to the member’s account.

Are members responsible for their Jim Ellis MOD car?

Yes, we expect our members to take care of Jim Ellis MOD vehicles as if they owned them. Please drive responsibly, keep your vehicle clean, and let us know of any minor dings or spills via the Jim Ellis MOD app.

What is the condition of Jim Ellis MOD vehicles?

Jim Ellis MOD is committed to providing vehicles that are in excellent condition. To that end, we use technology to ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained and driven responsibly.

What data does Jim Ellis MOD collect?

We want to ensure the best service and safety for all of our members. To do so, we keep track of various data points to record vehicle and driver history. For more information on terms of use, please reference the Jim Ellis Privacy Policy.

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To get started, download the Mobility On Demand app and apply for membership.

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